Family Futures Community School

We could fill this school twice over!

Church Family Mission was deliberately situated close to several of the poorest compounds in Kabwe (Nakoli and Shamabanse) where, due to the AIDS pandemic, grandparents and widows are looking after families of orphaned children and there is high unemployment and social problems. Although primary education in Zambia is fee-free in government schools the need to provide uniform, regulation shoes, books and school fund money means that very many children are unable to afford to go.

Family Futures Community School takes nearly 850 of these children – all carefully screened for social need – from Grade 1 to Grade 9 (lower secondary level). Uniform and shoes are not required (although most eventually find a uniform and shoes of sorts) and their warm green jumpers (many knitted  by UK volunteers) make them look smart and shows off their happy smiling faces.  Even the smallest children know that education is the route out of poverty and so even in classes of up to 80 attention and concentration are high – there is always someone else waiting to take your place.

Our dedicated and qualified staff get only modest allowances but are so committed to the children that Family Futures Community School often outperforms local government schools in exam results and competitions and is highly regarded by the local Education Board. This work really needs to go on for the sake of the children.