How can you help?


1.       By donating on a one-off or better still regular basis.  Please click here to download the donation / gift aid form, complete and send to any of the trustees so we can add to the database, claim the gift aid at 25% and provide information including newsletters.

2.       You can also provide specific sponsorship which is of particular relevance for tertiary (degree level) students.  Speak to us about what and who we have in mind from our waiting list and start to make a big difference to individuals and their wider families.

3.       Supporting/planning events – these take place regularly across the UK but require a lot of man hours to get up and running.

4.       Visit the programmes themselves.  We encourage this and it is easier if this takes place when other trustees are also in Zambia.  Why not extend the trip to include a short safari, river cruise or visit Victoria Falls as many of us have done.   There are some incredible sights,

5.       Providing free or discounted services to help us ranging from IT, legal, printing, social media to knitting jumpers!

6.       Do your online shopping via and set up Future Pillars as your chosen charity.  Between 0.5% and 4% of your online send then comes directly to the Charity for very little effort.  It is so simple.