The Programmes


It costs around £4 a month to feed a hungry child – but multiply that by 850 ….. and all the time basic food, transport and firewood costs are rising.  Future Pillars wants to continue to grow healthy children who can make a good future for themselves – and food is a vital part of this.

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Family Futures Community School

Church Family Mission was deliberately situated close to several of the poorest compounds in Kabwe (Nakoli and Shamabanse) where, due to the AIDS pandemic, grandparents and widows are looking after families of orphaned children and there is high unemployment and social problems. Although primary education in Zambia is fee-free in government schools the need to provide uniform, regulation shoes, books and school fund money means that very many children are unable to afford to go.

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Secondary sponsorship

Each year we meet the students and their guardians to get to know them more, encourage them, to discuss their challenges and any other problems which may arise. They each write a letter about themselves and are photographed. They are all so appreciative and consider us their family – as indeed, we do them.

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Tertiary Sponsorship

We have educated a few students who have turned out to have exceptional abilities considering their humble and lowly backgrounds.

Justine (Science and Maths) and Gift (English and RE) have recently completed Teacher Training courses. They are working at Family Futures Community School while they await the Government’s allocation of posts.

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Family Pillar Vocational Skills Centre

Family Pillars Vocational and Skills Training Centre is one of the final launchpads to project the vulnerable children and young people supported by Future Pillars out of poverty by training them in a marketable skill to provide the basis for a long-term sustainable future for themselves and their families.

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We recognise that many of our children and young adults are struggling to find anywhere to live on a permanent basis.  Many have either no family or serious issues with what family they do have including physical, mental and sadly sometimes sexual abuse.  These children really do have nowhere to go.

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