Family Pillar Vocational Skills Centre

Motto “Empowered to succeed”

Family Pillars Vocational and Skills Training Centre is one of the final launchpads to project the vulnerable children and young people supported by Future Pillars out of poverty by training them in a marketable skill to provide the basis for a long-term sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Up to 140 young people a year can get free training for 6 months as electricians, plumbers, metal fabricators, carpenters, bricklayers/plasterers, tailors or computer/office workers .  The centre is TEVETA accredited (approved government training schemes similar to NVQ) and highly regarded, meaning that students get a nationally recognised qualification giving them an advantage in the work place and an entry into further training if they so wish.

Some graduates work independently in the booming construction industry or from home (having been given a basic set of personal tools at graduation), others form small cooperative groups and some go into paid employment or further training.  A real success story!

It averages £300 to train and equip a student – a small investment for a lifetime skill, but quite a cost when multiplied.  In order to sustain costs and due to the popularity of the courses, some fee-paying students are also enrolled at various levels – from 3 month evening classes for local working people to one-year advanced courses, all helping people in what is a poor and deprived area to better themselves.