Tertiary sponsorship

We have educated a few students who have turned out to have exceptional abilities considering their humble and lowly backgrounds.

Justine (Science and Maths) and Gift (English and RE) have recently completed Teacher Training courses. They are working at Family Futures Community School while they await the Government’s allocation of posts.

Joseph is studying Geography at Teacher Training College.

Arnord is reading Public Administration and Library Management at the University of Lusaka.

Frank is in his second year at the College of Health Sciences training to become a Clinical Officer -similar to our GPs.

Rodgers has just started a 4 year degree in Accountancy at ZCAS University in Lusaka.

We have another boy, Lazarous, who has also been offered a place at the College of Health Sciences, and is looking for a sponsor.

These tertiary students are all sponsored by private individuals or organisations at a range of costs.  We have three more still at school who we feel will benefit from professional training. These students will make miraculous differences to themselves, their families, their compounds and their country, Zambia.

Would you, your group of friends, your society or your church consider sponsoring them for 3 years?  I ask, not for myself, but for the greater good of these delightful and ambitious kids.