We have received the following update about food distribution activities at Family Future Community School after the enforced closure of the school by the Zambian Government due to Covid 19.


The method used to select beneficiaries of the program is based on assessment of the desperation of the family in question and their ability to sustain the feeding of our children. For a home with up to 6 children from our school they are given a bag of Mealie meal and some other necessities but the homes with more than 6 children are given 2 bags of Mealie meal.

Target Homes

The beneficiaries of this program are:

  1. Child headed homes either by abandonment by parents or being orphaned.
  2. Homes with no earning parent.
  3. Single parent without earnings staying with our child/children.
  4. Grandparents without means of earnings staying with our child/children.


Since the beginning of the program, we have targeted 60 households covering over 450 children to be feed every day including Saturday and Sunday. These have been identified as the most vulnerable. In normal times, when feeding is conducted at FFCS we feed more than 850 children in a day for 5 days a week. Whilst there is a large difference between ‘normality and now’, a further 24 families have been identified for the coming week, taking the number of FFCS children getting food each day to beyond 600. It is then important to remember that there are children who attend FFCS whose vulnerability is not their home’s ability to feed them. This situation will continue to be monitored to ensure no child is going hungry.


The food distribution is being done with caution ensuring that all recipients are scrutinized and the residence checked for having good intensions and in a friendly manner – without force or intimidation. This has proved to be a mammoth task for the teaching staff to provide accurate information to the co-ordinator – Ephraim Singoyi. He is a great young teacher and he has really proved what a wonderful asset he is to the whole project. He is being supported well by his colleagues, but he is making it happen!This program has acted as a saviour from hunger in most of our children’s homes. One example is where we found one widow with 8 children. She is very ill with cervical cancer, unable to walk or provide for her family and, critically, has been unable to avail herself of treatment offered at Kapiri Mposhi – some 50+km away. Whilst transport is being sorted for her by FFCS, the provision of food to this family has saved the children from hunger.